Capital Group has been providing a full range of services in the area of FEA since 2008.

Our company is a member of the American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine, where we represent the interests of our Clients and defend their principles with the help of the most active and effective business community in Ukraine, which is engaged in dialogue with the authorities.

CPTL conducts transparent business, assumes responsibility for the performance of work, strictly adheres to business ethics and works on continual improvement. The main task of our Company in the provision of services – maintaining  a balance to satisfy the Client's needs and the  requirements of the Customs Service.

Advantages of CPTL

  • Our Company accompanies the Client’s cargo from the time of the order from the supplier to the receipt of goods
  • CPTL conducts all necessary negotiations related to Customs Clearance independently and collects additional documents
  • CPTL always acts as an independent trustee-contractor and relieves the Client from the need for additional involvement in the Customs Clearance process
  • Our pricing policy is clear and transparent. The cost of Customs Clearance does not exceed the initially agreed amount
  • The company’s employees are experts on matters of customs law of Ukraine and provide services of the highest quality

Values of CPTL

  • Customer Focus – Client Orientation – the main value for CPTL is our Clients. We work every day for their success and the development of their business
  • Proficiency – Professionalism – the Company values its team and is continually investing the maximum effort and resources in the development of its staff. CPTL understands that only professionals in their field are able to provide the proper level of client service
  • Trustworthiness – Reliability – CPTL has been a reliable partner for many companies in various fields of the Ukrainian economy for more than 10 years.
  • Liability – Responsibility – CPTL always assumes full responsibility for outcome of its work and guarantees the highest quality of services provided. Our activity is absolutely transparent and clear both for our Clients and partners, and state authorities.

With respect and hope for fruitful cooperation,

Director General Miroshnichenko Vita