Representation of one of the world's most innovative companies with annual turnover of 29.6 billion US dollars. The company's staff totals about 84,000 employees in 65 countries. The import of goods of 35 different destinations, merged in more than 10 main businesses (industrial production, automotive industry, dental and medical products, personal protective equipment and much more).


  • regular disposals of goods to customs warehouse
  • absence of flexible approach for classification of goods pursuant to UKTZED
  • delays in Customs Clearance due to lack of preparation to pass the control phase of customs value
  • receipt of authorization documents when "the car is already at the customs terminal"
  • unwillingness of broker to advocate the interests of importer


  • the "import control" phase is introduced, due to which the information on classification of goods pursuant to the UKTZED and the need to obtain expert opinions prior to the formation of the order for goods
  • regular updates on changes in customs law, analysis of regulatory influence and optimization of processes for such changes, set up
  • the process of obtaining expert opinions in advance before the arrival of goods is set up
  • process of analysis and prediction of disputes with the Customs Service in determination of customs value is introduced
  • just-in-time process of Customs Clearance of goods without their disposal at customs warehouse is organized
  • the time for Customs Clearance is reduced from 4 days to 4 hours
  • the process of storage and exchange of import and export documents has been established