The biggest importer of specific products for the construction industry. The representative office of the concern, which for more than 50 years has been establishing the standards of effective solutions in the area of the concrete technology, as well as the restoration and preservation of load-bearing structures. Owns more than 20 sites for development and manufacture of construction industry products.


  • regular placement of goods at customs warehouse for a term of customs laboratory analysis
  • classification of goods at overvalued rate of import duty
  • regular customs value adjustments
  • difficulties in obtaining expert opinions in Customs Clearance
  • ungrounded requirements by Customs Service to provide documents not provided for by law
  • inconvenient location of customs office in terms of the company's logistics


  • the process of unloading at warehouses with the issuance of temporary declarations is changed
  • technical documentation is prepared involving manufacturer and experts for determination of the UKTZED codes without the involvement of the customs laboratory
  • process of analysis of risks of customs value adjustments is organized and algorithm of actions for the confirmation of goods value is prepared
  • assistance in preparation of expert opinions for the maximum assortment of products is provided
  • a list of expert opinions for import, consistent with requirements of the law, is approved and has come into force
  • just-in-time procedure of the registration of goods put into effect