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  • absence of control over the existence of mistakes in shipping documents and as a result – regular delays in Customs Clearance due to the need to make corrections in the documents upon arrival of automobile at customs
  • absence of required authorization documents at the time of Customs Clearance
  • erroneous and systemic classification of goods pursuant to UKTZED with overvalued rates of import duties
  • absence of an established mechanism of upholding the customs value
  • downtime of vehicles and delay in getting goods to customers, as a result of the aforesaid factors


  • competent contracts with non-residents are prepared and signed
  • the forms and procedure for signing documents with non-residents are developed and coordinated
  • an algorithm for negotiating shipping documents is developed and established
  • UKTZED codes, for which the import duty is overvalued, are reviewed
  • correct classification of goods pursuant to UKTZED is coordinated with the Customs Service
  • process of classification of goods and receipt of expert opinions already at the stage of forming the order for goods from Supplier is organized
  • procedure for forecasting of disputes with the Customs Service on the customs value is introduced
  • as a result Customs Clearance is reduced from 5 days to 4 hours and expenses for customs payments are reduced