Customs Clearance

Customs Clearance is a set of measures and actions, aimed at written or oral declaration of goods and vehicles to the Customs Service, which are moved across the customs border of Ukraine, complying with procedures and paying the taxes and fees set out in existing law for a particular customs regime.

The final product of this process is a customs bill of entry, prepared in accordance with the Regulation, approved by the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine. Violation of customs rules, pursuant to the Customs Code of Ukraine, entails administrative liability in the form of a fine or confiscation of goods, which are the subject of the violation.

Our Team has excellent skills in the preparation and execution of customs bills of entry of all existing regimes and groups of goods. In our work we apply only up-to-date technologies of declaration, which enable to provide our clients with the product of the highest quality in a short time and at minimum expense.