Related Services

Documents for FEA

Preparation of all required documents within the support of foreign economic transaction, from the contract coming into force up to Customs Clearance

Authorization documents

Obtaining non-tariff documents from public authorities for the purposes of Customs Clearance and sale of goods

Accreditation with Customs

Entering of data on companies to the Customs Service’s registry of persons carrying out transactions with goods

Customs Audit

We perform complex analysis of foreign economic transactions and Customs Clearance processes, study documents as part of the request (accuracy of calculation of customs value, of  claimed code of UKTZED, etc), examine possible risks and methods for their elimination in the form of a legal opinion. In accordance with the findings of the audit, we provide assistance in practical implementation of our recommendations.

Transportation Services

Organization of delivery of goods by any mode of transport from anywhere globally and from door to door

Logistics (Customs Warehouse)

Organization of goods storage at warehouses under customs control